About Us

A man is sitting under a shade today because he planted a seed long ago

tensbit is a name formed after a lot of vast, idiotic, crazy, technical, theoretical, literal, and out of the world thinking by us. We started this blog with no sort of idea what we will do in future, how will our readers take our work, will we be popular or not, will we earn or not. We never thought about any of those. All we cared about is a cause of sharing technical knowledge with anyone who seeks it.

We, blog writers write for you because we love to. It's our passion to share knowledge and tensbit is no exception. Make tensbit your daily dose of tech.

Everyone who works for tensbit would know that magic of learning flowing around us always. Because none of us are experts of any kind. We learn every day from our mistakes. But we know we can't make mistakes with our readers. Our readers are as important to us as our team and we are taking it for granted.

We are a humble team of developers and thinkers, who pay our utmost importance solely to the viewers. We are always ready to serve our clients or viewers with the latest news, cool tips, reviews that may help them or give some change from boredom.

We deliver bit by bit!

Who we are?

We are tensbit.