How to control your presentations using a smart phone?

Monday, August 08, 2016
Sarah is preparing for a presentation tomorrow and she is trying to find out ways to make it better and stand out from the rest. Unfortunately, she has lost her remote clicker pen to control the presentations without touching her laptop. But, now how would she do that?

Well, Sarah won't have to worry anymore now as there are applications that she can use to control presentation using her smart phone. And that's what I am going to show you all in this tutorial. There's an application provided by Microsoft called "Office Remote" that can be used to control your powerpoint presentations using your phone via bluetooth. 

Getting Started

First of all you need to install the app to get started. So, I am listing the links below for different stores depending on which ever operating system you are running on your device.

Google Play :

Windows Store :

Office Remote is currently not available on itunes but you can download Microsoft Remote Desktop on your iphone and give it a go. It's equally good.

PC Plugin

After you've installed the app on your phone you need the office remote plugin installed on your desktop or laptop. So, here's the link below just go here, download the plugin and install it as you do any other software.

Link :

Lets use it!

So, we are done with all the installations now and it's show time. Turn on bluetooth on your desktop or laptop and pair it with your device.

If you don't know how to do that, read this article : Using Bluetooth to transfer files on Windows 10

Now, just open any powerpoint presentation to test it out. If you have correctly installed the plugin mentioned above you should be able to see Office Remote in the menubar of powerpoint as shown below.

If you see that then just click it and "turn on" Office Remote again shown in the left side. If you don't find it then simply reinstall that and restart your pc.

After you have turned it on. Just open the app in your phone and make sure bluetooth is turned on over there. It will show you a list of paired devices to connect to. Choose your pc from that list. Then it will show you the office documents that are currently open in your pc as shown below.

Choose the document from the list and press it to open, When that opens in your phone you will find it opening in your laptop as well. So, projector can project that. You can press those arrows shown above to move over from slide to slide. You can also close the presentation by touching those three dots and then "End Show". There are several other handy functionalities as I have discussed below. 

Extra Features - Pro style!

The Pointer : 

In the above picture you can see that the preview of the next slide is shown. That itself is a benefit. Now just tap on that next slide preview and drag it towards your current slide and on your pc screen you will see a red pointer. Move you fingers and the pointer will follow you. This feature is handy when you are trying to refer to a specific position of a slide like highlighting some pie charts or something like that.

View All/Jump Slides : 

This application not only lets you switch between slides one after the other but you can also view all slides to jump to any particular one if you want. Just touch gallery icon and it will list all the slides in your ppt. From there you can simple touch and open any particular one.

The Timer/End Show/Last Slide :

Presentations can be tricky at times when you have to finish within a specific time limit. Well, now you don't have to calculate time while you are speaking. This app will do that for you. When you start the presentation the timer automatically initiates.

You can also go to the last slide or end the show from the app itself as I have mentioned before.

Now, that's all you need to know about this app for controlling your presentations. By this time some of you might be skeptical about the fact that I only talked about controlling powerpoint presentations, Well, you are right. This app can do a lot more than that. You can use it to control any document under Microsoft Office and that's why it's called "Office Remote". Just follow these same steps to open any other document as well. So, that's it. If you like this article just share it with your friends too and let them know about this awesome feature and subscribe to our blog for latest updates of more such tutorials.

Good Luck on your presentation! 

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